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Bogey Man Egg Separator



Bogey Man - Egg Yolk Separator

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Boogers Boogers, everywhere! Boogers, Boogers in your hair! Nobody likes a load of snot in their hair and it's even less appreciated in their food! (Unless they) So keep the snot out with this funky Bogey Man Egg Separator. Our miserable Bogey Man is the ultimate kitchen accessory to help make sure you keep those awful squidgy, jellyfish bits off your egg or simply to help you separate your yolk from your whites. Simply crack the egg into the Bogey Mans head, then tip him using the handle and watch as slimy, snotty egg whites come oozing out of the Bogey Mans sore, red nose. not rocket science, but it sure is fun!


  • Ceramic Bogey Man Egg Separator - separates egg white from the yoke without mess
  • Simply break egg into top and then tilt the handle and pour into bowl
  • Wash in soapy water - not dishwasher safe

11.00cm (L) x 12.50cm (W) x 13.30cm (D)

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